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December 21, 2009

Black day for Burma’s Irrawaddy: junta ministers host Myitsone dam “celebration”

Hundreds of local villagers were forced to greet the Minister of Electric Power and Minister of Energy today at an official “celebration” ceremony to launch the construction of China’s Myitsone dam, which will block the Irrawaddy River for the first time and impact millions living along Burma’s main waterway.
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Statement on International Day of Action for Rivers, Water, and Life
Burma Rivers Network
March 14, 2009

Free Burma’s Rivers, and Free Burma

On this International Day of Action for Rivers, Burma Rivers Network calls on neighboring countries, dam builders, and international financial institutions to recognize the experience of dam-affected peoples in Burma. Dam projects should be put on hold until affected people are given opportunities to fully participate in project decisions, and energy planning is transparent and taken into consideration alternatives to dams. We stand and say: Free Burma’s Rivers, and Free Burma.

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