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Press Release
September 16, 2011
Burma Rivers Network
Don't let the Irrawaddy River become another Mekong

Escalating unrest among downstream communities over the impacts of China’s Mekong dams is a clear warning of what lies in store for Burma if the Irrawaddy dam project goes ahead.

Press Release by the Network of Thai People in 8 Mekong Province
8 September 2011

Mekong River Peoples’ Network Joins the Call to Save the Irrawaddy River

The Network of Thai People in 8 Mekong Provinces, working with communities along the Mekong River in Thailand, joins the call of people in Burma and Aung San Suu Kyi to save the Irrawaddy from dam projects.

Press Release from Kachin Development Networking Group
August 31, 2011
For immediate release

China speeds ahead with Myitsone dam despite civil war in northern Burma

Seven hundred Chinese laborers are working day and night shearing off hilltops, laying tunnels, and building embankments at the Myitsone, the source of Burma’s Irrawaddy River, in a race to complete the country’s largest dam on schedule despite ongoing armed conflict in the area.

Press release from Burma Rivers Network
June 15, 2011

Hydropower Dams Fuelling Conflict in Burma

Recent fighting near the Dapein and Shweli hydropower dams in northern Burma shows how the buildup of Burma Army troops to secure deeply unpopular Chinese dam projects is fuelling conflict.

March 14, 2011

Statement of the Burma Rivers Network
on the International Day of Action for Rivers

Stop Damming Burma's Rivers

Burma Rivers Network is calling on foreign investors to immediately stop plans to build large dams on Burma's major rivers and their tributaries, as these dams will have huge social and environmental impacts across the country, and fuel Burma’s decades-long civil war.

March 10, 2011
Press Release

Junta launches covert dam offensive in Karenni State

Engineers are secretly surveying for dams planned by China hydropower giant Datang on the Salween and its tributaries in Karenni State under the armed guard of Burma’s junta, according to local researchers.

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