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Media release by Kachin Development Networking Group
Tsa Ji - +95 9401538249
Ah Nan - +66 848854154
January 8, 2014
A Kachin group today criticized the new corporate social responsibility report on the controversial Irrawaddy dams, calling for a locally-led development process, not one benefiting only China.

Press release by Burma Rivers Network
October 29, 2013
The Burma Rivers Network (BRN) is holding a press conference in Yangon today to urge the Burmese government as well as Chinese and Thai investors to immediately stop plans to build dams on the Salween River, as this is causing conflict and directly undermining the peaceprocess.

Statement by the Burma Rivers Network
September 3, 2013

The Burma Rivers Network (BRN) warmly welcomes the Indian government’s recent cancellation of the controversial Tamanthi hydropower dam on the Chindwin River, which was planned for export of electricity to India. BRN urges China and Thailand to take similar responsibility for our shared environment and halt their accelerated plans to dam Burma’s major rivers to fulfill their domestic power needs.

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