Burma Army atrocities pave the way for Salween dams in Karen State
This report details the significant increase of Burma Army garrisons and the subsequent military offensives and abuses in the area of the Weigyi and Dagwin dams in Karen State. Published in November 2004.


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An Update on Plans to Dam the Salween in Burma's Shan State

An update of developments at the Tasang dam site, this report details the preparations underway to build the dam, moves by the Burma Army in the area, logging near the dam site, and the ongoing displacement of the local population. It also includes a detailed map of Tasang’s projected reservoir. Published in September 2006.


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Ten Perspectives on How Financial Institutions Can Protect the Environment

This report discusses how environmental standards can be useful for new financiers. Burma Rivers Network authored “Standards for Hydropower Development – A Burmese Perspective,” one of ten case studies of overseas projects funded by Chinese, Indian and Thai financiers that are presented in the report.
Published in May 2008.

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Impacts of the Upper Paunglaung Dam in Burma

This short report describes the current and projected impacts of the Upper Paunglaung Dam on the Kayan people, including displacement, increased abuses by the Burma Army, and loss of livelihoods. The dam, slated for completion in 2009, will generate electricity for Nay Pyi Taw, the military regime's isolated new capital. Published in June 2008.

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