This report summarizes findings from seven years of research and demonstrates that the Kachin experience should serve as a warning to other ethnic groups attempting peace through a similar process. Without a political resolution first, there can be no just or sustainable development of Burma.

The newsletter was published in May 2012.
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Burma's military government, together with the government of India, is planning to build a giant hydroelectric dam on the Chindwin River, a major tributary of the Irrawaddy, in Burma’s northwest Sagaing Division. 80% of the electricity produced will be exported to India. If construction of Tamanthi Dam goes ahead the flood reservoir will be almost 1,400 sq km, the size of Delhi, and will permanently displace over 45,000 people. 2,400 villagers have already been forcibly moved to a relocation site.

Published in December 2011.

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Burma’s military-backed government is proceeding with two mega dams on Burma’s Shweli River, a major tributary of the Irrawaddy, which will forcibly displace 3,000 people and directly impact over 15,000. The report details how farmlands have been confiscated, roads built, and surveying conducted under military escort in preparation for construction of two hydropower dams in northern Shan State, which will export electricity to China. The area has recently seen escalated conflict between Burma’s Army and ethnic resistance forces and soldiers have been deployed to secure the dam sites.
Published in November 2011
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Following Thein Sein’s announcement on September 30 that construction of the Irrawaddy Myitsone dam would be suspended, villagers living near the project are living in a state of uncertainty and fear as there is no evidence on the ground that the dam project has indeed been suspended. KDNG has been monitoring the Irrawaddy Myitsone Dams Project since 2005 and provides this brief update based on research conducted just before and after the suspension announcement.

The report was published on October 14, 2011.

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