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Dams: What They Are and What They Do

Basic Dam Impacts

Explore the components of healthy rivers and what happens when a dam is built at this interactive website

Geoguide Dams
An interactive educational website from National Geographic that looks at rivers before, during, and after dam construction

Dammed Rivers, Damned Lives: The Case Against Large Dams
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Silenced Rivers: The Ecology and Politics of Large Dams


World Commission on Dams (WCD)
The WCD was an independent, international, multi-stakeholder process which addressed the controversial issues associated with large dams. After more than two years of extensive research, the commission released the report Dams and Development: A New Framework for Decision Making. The basis of the report is a comprehensive series of studies known as the WCD Knowledge Base. The WCD website is http://dams.org


Should we build more large dams?

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Voices of the Dammed

Development in Burma

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