Yeywa Dam

The Burmese government announced plans for the Yeywa Dam in late 2001. In 2004, Burma’s Ministry of Electric Power (MEPE) signed an MOU with a consortium of Chinese companies for the implementation of the Yeywa Dam on the Myitnge River in Mandalay Division. It is the largest roller-compacted concrete (RCC) dam in the country and one of the biggest RCC dams in the world.

Dam Specifications
Height: 134 meters
Installed capacity: 790 MW
Annual production: 3,550 Gwh
Upper Yeywa Dam
Height: unknow
Installed capacity: 280 MW (Latest update: 3.9.2014)
Annual production: 1409 kwh (Ref:MOI Nov 27, 2016)

Companies Involved
MEPE signed an agreement with a consortium created by China International Trust & Investment Co. (CITIC) and Sinohydro Corporation in 2004. A number of companies from China, Switzerland, and Britain have been involved in various stages of the Yeywa Dam construction.
China International Trust & Investment Co. (CITIC)
Sinohydro Corporation
Export-Import Bank of China (China Exim Bank)
China Gezhouba Group Co. (CGGC)
China National Electric Equipment Co.
Hunan Savoo Overseas Water & Electric Engineering Co.
China National Heavy Machinery Co.
COLENCO Power Engineering, Ltd.
Malcolm Dunstan & Associates

The Money
The initial agreement between MEPE and the consortium created by CITIC and Sinohydro included a 126 million USD contract. The overall cost of the Yeywa Dam is estimated at 700 million USD.
Income generated from the sale of electricity will depend on the annual production and the buying price. A power purchase agreement has yet to be signed.
Electricity – where will it go?
At this point it is unclear, though it appears likely that the electricity will be transmitted to China.

Project status - Last updated September 2008
Reports indicate that the dam is nearing completion; estimates are that construction will finish by the end of 2008, if not sooner.

Because of the location of the Yeywa Dam, is it very difficult to obtain information regarding the current ground conditions at the Yeywa site. An account from before the beginning of construction reported that there were a number of villages within the floodplain of the Yeywa Dam that were being forcibly relocated without compensation. In 2005 the Myanmar Times reported that three villages near the dam had been relocated. The villagers had depended on the Myitnge River for their livelihoods, the sources of which will be flooded by the dam. Ancient cultural sites like the Sappa Sukha Htattaw Temple will also be flooded and forever lost.
For more information please see “The Spirit of Nang Tsao Mawnla and the Yeywa Dam” Watershed (2002) and Yeywa Hydropower Project, an Overview

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