Dapein Dam Construction

State-owned China Datang Company has agreements to build two dams on the Dapein River near the China border.

Dam specifications

Dapein 1
Height: estimated 83.5 meters
Installed capacity: 240 MW
Annual production: 1,065 Gwh
(Latest update: 3.9.2014)
Dapein 2
Height:  unknown
Installed capacity: 168 MW
Annual production: 775 Gwh
(Latest update: 3.9.2014)

Companies involved
China Datang Corporation
Central China Power Grid Company
China Water Resources and Hydropower Construction Corporation
Central China Power International Trade Company
Jiangxi Water Resources Planning and Design Institute


Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise

According to Burmese media, the total cost will of the Dapein 1 hydropower station will be 108 million Yuan. Income generated from the sale of electricity will depend on the annual production and the buying price.

Electricity – where will it go?
According to Datang company, 90% of the electricity will be sold to China

Project status -Last updated June 2011
The construction of the Dapein 1 hydropower station was launched on December 19, 2007. It was completed and started distributing electricity in February 2011. Construction of Dam 2 was ongoing until fighting broke out near the dam site in June 2011.

Burma’s Army sent in troops to secure the Dapein dam sites which further inflamed tensions with the Kachin Independence Organization and on June 9 2011 fighting broke out between the two sides. An estimated 30,000 local people have been displaced so far by the fighting. Approximately 300 Chinese workers were trapped by the fighting but were eventually able to return to China. During the fighting infrastructure of the Dapein 1 hydropower station has been destroyed and the electricity flow has been shut down.

For more information on the Dapein Dam, please see footage from the dam site in April 2009 at:

Voices of the Dammed

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