Burmese Investor/Company Profiles

Asia World Co.
Asia World Co., Ltd is one of the largest conglomerates in Burma, engaging in a broad range of business activities. It was founded by the infamous opium drug lord Lo Hsing Han in 1992. Asia World is involved in government businesses such as construction contracting and the supply of material and equipment. The company often acts as a liaison with the junta on project contracting, logistics and infrastructure investment. Lo Hsing Han's son Tun Myint Naing, aka Steven Law, is the managing director of Asia World. Steven Law was refused a visa to the USA on suspicion of involvement in narcotics trafficking in 1996. For more on Steven Law's financial network, click here
Involved in:
Shweli Dams
Irrawaddy Myitsone and N\'Mai/Mali Dams
Upper Thanlwin Dam

Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise
Established in 1997, the enterprise was previously under the Ministry of Energy and is now under the Ministry of Electric Power. It is an implementing agency responsible for power generation, transmission and distribution throughout the country. MEPE has 16,526 employees.

Suntac Technologies
Suntac Technologies is a subsidiary of the Suntac Group of Companies which was established in 1999 and is based in Rangoon. Suntac has been responsible for the National Spatial Database development; it also implements transportation-related engineering studies; highway and railways construction; and studies related to dams and irrigation systems. Suntac is directly linked with SPDC ministries and also works for companies such as Asia World and Htoo Company, known for their corrupt involvement in illegal logging. Internationally, Suntac has worked with MDX of Thailand, involved in the controversial Salween dams, and Ivanhoe Mining, a Canadian company managing one of Burma's largest mines. According to a China Power Investment publication, Suntac Technologies is in charge of topographical aerial photography for survey maps of the Irrawaddy Myitsone dam site.
Involved in:
Irrawaddy Myitsone and N'Mai/Mali Dams
Salween Dams

Htoo Group
The Htoo Group of Companies, which includes the Htoo Trading Company, is engaged in timber exports, property development, palm oil production, arms deals and aviation. Htoo Trading was one of two construction companies granted lucrative contracts to build the new national capital in Naypyidaw.

The Chairman of the Htoo Group is Tay Za, is a close associate of the military junta's leader General Than Shwe. Tay Za figures prominently in a 2007 executive order from the United States Treasury Department that aims to block his assets and make it illegal for US citizens to have any business dealings with him and his private companies. Several of the companies in the Htoo Group are blacklisted by the United States government as are several relatives and associates of Tay Za. For more on Htay Za's financial network, click here.

Involved in:
Salween Dams



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